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Packaging & Environment

Boxes and Packaging are essential commodities for many businesses that ship. It is important to understand methods to reduce the environmental impact that packaging can have on the world, without compromising on product protection.

Jamil Packaging’s R4 Methodology:

1. Reduce

Jamil Packaging and our suppliers are continuously improving our standards and technologies to engineer and introduce more eco-friendly packaging products.  We design packaging that allows our customers to reduce their overall packaging footprint.

2. Reuse

Jamil Packaging seeks to supply products that can be re-used. Re-using a packaging to extend its life makes good economic and enviromental sense. Our packaging products are engineered to be used many times before they reach the end of their life. However, it is not always the most efficient or best environmental solution. Sometimes recycling is the best option rather than reusing products.

3. Recycle

Jamil Packaging does use recycled materials for manufacturing products whenever possible. There are times when a product can't be reused. The packaging should be recycled as this will save energy, reduce waste in landfills and cut the cost of disposal.

4. Right-Size

Jamil Packaging will engineer and design packaging that will help you to “right- size”. This means that you will not be using excessive packaging to ship your products. Right- Sizing your packaging will enhance your bottom line by cutting waste and reducing your shipping costs.