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Design & Manufacturing

The Design and Manufacturing business designs, manufactures and assembles packaging solutions for customers requiring cost effective methods of protecting higher value products for storage, distribution and transportation.

Key market categoires supplied are Food & Beverage, Industrial, Automotive, Distribution, Book Distribution, Electronic and Medical sectors.

We use the leading design softwares Artios and Tops, an extensive range of packaging materials and a variety of manufacturing and assembly processes to:

  • Deliver enhanced levels of protection during transportation, distribution and storage.
  • Improve cost-efficiency, to help reduce packaging and transportation costs.
  • Eliminate excess packaging, to reduce waste from shipping operations.
  • Respect the environment, using easily recyclable, sustainable materials wherever and whenever possible.
  • Make packaging easier to use, freeing up labor and storage space for more productive use.

Put us to the test and ask us how we can help you streamline your packaging costs from supplies to equipment and everything in between.