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Over 1,000,000 MSF of boxes manufactured daily


We are proud to present the world class starting line up of box making equipment. Since 2006, the Jamil Packaging brand of boxes and manufacturing has become world class. In 2006, Jamil Packaging started a journey of re-investing in box making equipment.

The right tool for the job... World Class Equipment

When it comes to corrugated box production, we are the experts, and you need reliable, productive, and versatile box suppliers to ensure you continue to exploit your expertise for yourselves and your customers.

With its modular design and superb reliability, EXPERTFOLD is perfectly placed to meet not only your current supply needs, but also any future changes in your business and markets. Fast makereadies give us the responsiveness you need on short runs, while superb build quality and features designed to maximize consistency on the run mean that you can profit from longer runs too.

Types of Boxes:

  • Long boxes
  • Mini boxes
  • Autobottom or crash lock boxes
  • Pre-glued trays
  • Glued-in partitions
  • And much, much more...